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Representing Greece…

I was thinking about my long-running Europeans project recently, and I realised that (like our government!) I’m going to have to get a move on to get things finished by Brexit day and avoid much embarrassment. So last weekend I looked up an old work friend whose wife (I’d heard) is originally from Greece. Ioanna has been living in the UK for “her whole adult life”, to the extend that when she visits relatives ‘back home’ she has to ask them how to do grown-up things, like fill in a tax return or get a blood test.

I shot Ioanna’s portrait at Emmanuel College, where she completed her PhD and is now a fellow. The Fellow’s garden made a great backdrop, and was mercifully free of other people (there was a wedding reception also taking place in the college grounds). Ioanna’s husband Ian and her daughter Zoe were also in attendance, which was nice since family is an aspect I’m trying to draw out in these shoots.

We talked a lot after the shoot – Brexit, Grexit, migration, identity… the list goes on. And when I’ve transcribed our interview I’ll be posting it here, along with some of the others I’ve done.


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